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How Can You Improve Your Business Processes?

document captureTools to manage the “first mile” of customer interactions more efficiently

 In today’s business environment, there are advantages to be gained from getting information into a business process as early as possible and from processing information in the least number of steps.

In the private and public sectors, many processes are driven by documents such as application forms, order forms, claim documents, invoices or various types of correspondence which are instrumental in enabling transactions to be completed. It is easy to see how delays and inefficiencies arise when this information arrives on paper in high daily volumes, requiring manual processes such as sorting, copying, forwarding, keying into computer systems and circulating for approval.

Many organisations are now addressing these problems using document scanning and imaging strategies. Enabling technology such as Kofax Capture allows paper and electronic documents, emails and faxes to be captured and indexed as they arrive. Actionable business information is extracted, classified and then routed to the relevant business process workflow or line of business application. 

The resulting capture-based process is more automated, requiring fewer touch points and enabling more transactions to be completed in less time with better traceability.

Point-of-origination capture

Whilst these capture systems are very effective, they are generally based on a centralised production scanning or “digital mailroom” operation.

Advances in device technology combined with improvements in cloud-based services are now allowing organisations to extend the capture process beyond their walls to the point where transactional documents originate, and this is termed point-of-origination capture.

Customer-facing web portals – Rather than go through the process of preparing and submitting documents via the postal system with the inherent delay and risks, customers/citizens can link home scanners to the internet to submit documents via the organisation’s web portal.

Branch offices – Capture technology such as Kofax Front Office Server allows documents to be submitted to central back office processes via low-cost front office scanners, multifunction devices and fax machines. The user simply selects the appropriate button on the device to submit the documents to the correct business process, eliminating the cost and delay of document shipping.

Field-based operatives – Organisations can now leverage the advances in camera-enabled smartphone and tablet PC devices to allow field-based personnel or even customers themselves to capture and submit documents direct to processes. Typical examples are documents submitted by loss adjusters, healthcare and social workers or couriers, as well as expense receipts or personnel forms submitted by employees or trailing documents required to complete a mortgage application captured during a visit to the client.

Benefits of point-of-origination capture

For the customer or citizen:

  • Saves time and effort, as no postage or physical delivery required.
  • Allows more flexibility in what time of day documents are submitted.
  • Gives customers the opportunity to initiate document-based transactions via their smartphone, tablet or home PC, if these are their preferred channels of interaction.
  • Web portals allow customers to track the progress of documents when convenient, avoiding the need to make phone calls during office hours.
  • Documents enter processes faster, enabling faster completion of transactions.

For the organisation:

  • Reduces the overall cost of doing business – less handling, shipping and storing of paper, less data rekeying and, with self-service web portals, fewer resources tied up in day-to-day handling of customer queries. Processes can gradually leverage customer device hardware in a scalable manner, resulting in lower internal hardware costs.
  • Better process performance – As electronically captured documents trigger transactional processes as soon as they are submitted, there is less process latency.
  • Better speed and accuracy – Data extraction and validation processes replace the need for rekeying from paper and enable faster information processing. Image perfection technology such as Kofax VRS ensures extraction of consistent high quality data from a range of document capture devices.
  • Better traceability – Documents entering processes from the outset as electronically captured content can be traced easily from a single originating device right through the system.

DCS - Document Capture and Scanning Services

For assistance in assessing and finding the right solutions for your document scanning and capture talk to Data Capture Solutions on +44(0)1753 616720. 

DCS are experts in a wide variety of document management and capture solutions and can help your organisation find the software, systems and services that will not only improve your productivity, but also save resources. Visit http://www.dcs.co.uk/ for more information.

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