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Document Scanning for HR Departments

personal document managementIn today’s organisations, even though a great deal of employee information is held on computer, human resource departments still house filing cabinets full of paper-based employee records which could be better accessed and managed digitally.

The opportunity to digitise or electronically capture these records using document scanning software can address the following issues:

  • Limitations in available storage space or cost of storing paper documents.
  • Effort required to file, retrieve and share documents.
  • Overall efficiency in managing records.
  • Risks of failing to meet compliance standards due to missing documents or poor security.

In addressing the above issues, organisations use document scanning or capture as an enabling technology, the product of which is a digital document image. With document scanning software such as Kofax Capture, document images can be indexed with a range of useful metadata, such as employee name and ID number, job title, department, start date and so on.

The indexed digital documents can then be stored in SharePoint or a document management system such as FileStore EDM, making them much easier to retrieve, share and manage, while improving security and compliance.

Here are some examples.

Reducing paper storage with backfile scanning

human resources information systemStoring employee records as paper documents has a number of financial and logistical implications. Filing cabinets and storage systems obviously take up floor space for which there will be associated costs.  Where space is limited, office space or entire rooms taken up by filing cabinets could also be put to more productive use.

For any personnel departments faced with relocation, the transportation of paper-based personnel records can cause real headaches. The requirement for storage in new premises can also place limits on choice of premises or increase floor space costs.

To resolve these issues, departments can use an archive scanning or backfile scanning service to convert entire records archives to digital format. Document scanning companies can supply the scanned records on media such as compact disc, or upload them to a secure online document management system. In terms of the time to undertake such projects, UK document scanning company Data Capture Solutions report digitising 9,000 employee records (about 1.7 million document images) for a security firm client in under thirty days.

Easy and efficient records management

file management systemApart from reducing physical storage costs, a major benefit of scanning employee records to indexed digital format is speed of retrieval, enabling a dramatic reduction in unproductive time searching for documents. In addition, storing records in an online document management system requires much less time and effort to share documents with colleagues or partners in other locations, as users with authorisation can view documents quickly using a standard web browser.

At enterprise level, organisations can use document scanning to reduce overheads and duplication of work by storing and managing employee records for all branches in a single, central repository. Use of an appropriate document management system can also enable integration of digitised employee records with back end databases and human resources software.

Records security and compliance

document management complianceScanning documents to the FileStore document management system allows managers to control access to records, so that even the organisation’s own IT staff cannot gain access. Permissions such as read-only access can be set at a granular level, and all access to records can be monitored with inbuilt audit trail logging, all of which helps demonstrate compliance with the Data Protection Act.

As a final example, employee records scanning enables more automated and therefore more consistent records management which can significantly improve compliance. The ability to index documents such as permits, licences and certificates with expiry dates allows the document management system to generate automated notifications when renewal is due. Similarly, document scanning gives personnel departments the opportunity to achieve greater file plan and records lifecycle automation, enabling departments to ensure timely records disposition with minimal effort.

Data Capture Solutions and HR File Management

For assistance in assessing and finding the right HR document management and scanning solutions that full meet industry regulations and legal compliance talk to DCS on +44(0)1753 616720. 

DCS are experts in a wide variety of document management and document scanning software, systems and services that will not only improve your productivity and save resources, but also keep you on the right side of document compliance requirements - visit Data Capture Solutions at  http://www.dcs.co.uk/ for more information.

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