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Customer Service and Document Scanning – Where is the Link?

document scanning In today’s business environment competing on price alone is a risky policy. In this context, improving customer retention becomes attractive as a means of generating repeat business, especially if it can be achieved with relatively little extra effort. One insurance company, Nationwide Insurance, found that increasing customer retention by as little as 1% led to a rise in annual premiums of more than £0.6 million*.

Boosting customer retention will benefit from delivering high standards of customer service, such as improving the speed, accuracy and quality of responses to customers and exploiting each point of contact to positively influence the customer relationship.

Avoid keeping the customer waiting

Much of the interaction with customers takes place via documents such as application forms, claims, supporting documents, change requests or letters of complaint. When dealing with high volumes of such inbound documents on a daily basis it is easy to see how delays, backlogs and lost or misfiled items can have a negative effect.

So how can scanning these incoming documents help with customer service?

With document scanning software such as Kofax Capture, all incoming documents can be converted to digital images as they arrive. Indexing the captured documents enables efficient filing and retrieval which ensures they do not get lost, while significantly improving traceability as they move through the system.

Document recognition and data extraction software such as Kofax Transformation Modules can automate the classification of these incoming documents by type, enabling them to be sorted and routed to the correct handler or workflow much faster than can be done manually.

As a result, document scanning software can be used to reduce backlogs by removing paper and expediting the receiving, sorting and routing process. Documents can be tagged with the appropriate level of priority to ensure prompt actioning.

Straight-forward integration with back end systems means customer-facing staff can view captured documents on screen without having to leave their CRM or other line of business application, enabling them to deal with customer enquiries much more effectively.

Visibility and workload balancing

Backlogs and delays in dealing with customer orders, claims or applications can also result from poor process visibility and workload imbalances.

Document scanning and capture addresses this problem by enabling the use of dashboards and reporting. This allows monitoring of inbound document volumes for given processes, allowing managers to adjust workloads and avoid bottlenecks.

Automatic classification of documents as complaints means they enter the correct workflow with appropriate priority settings. Indexing captured documents according to the dates by which responses must be given also allows generation of automated alerts when these risk falling overdue.

UK Kofax reseller Data Capture Solutions report how they have been able to help clients integrate Kofax Capture with workflow management software to enable automated tracking and monitoring of documents and avoid backlogs in approvals workflows.

Preferred channels of interaction

Today, a broad range of communications options are available including post, telephone, email, text messaging and web portals, and each customer will have their preferred mode of interaction. Businesses can therefore seek to enhance customer service by making these channels of interaction available, but at the same time they need to be able to manage them cohesively.

Document scanning software such as Kofax Capture is no longer limited to capturing content from paper and can capture incoming information from email, fax, SMS and web forms, as well as documents arriving via scanning devices such as MFD’s or even camera-enabled smartphones and tablets. All inbound communications can therefore be processed via a single capture platform regardless of which channel the customer uses.

DCS - Document Capture and Scanning Services

For assistance in assessing and finding the right solutions for your document scanning and capture talk to Data Capture Solutions on +44(0)1753 616720. 

DCS are experts in a wide variety of document management and scanning solutions and can help your organisation find the software, systems and services that will not only improve your productivity, but also save resources. Visit http://www.dcs.co.uk/ for more information.

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