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Power Tools for Tradesmen

Cordless Power ToolsAny tool shop worth your time will know that quality of work is the most critical need any tradesman has when he looks to purchase or hire power tools. As a result, very few trade professionals will try to get their tools and accessories “on the cheap” as it compromises both the speed and quality of their work, leading to unhappy clients and a general downswing in their business. A good tradesman will opt for the best tool for the job at a sensible, competitive price, which is where industrial power tools specifically designed for use by professionals enter the market with a vengeance.

On the whole, industrial power tools and power tool accessories tend to be higher powered than consumer DIY tools, but more importantly they give a far superior finish to most jobs. Professional power tools are also extremely durable, often designed to be used in rough environments like construction sites or on long-term outdoor projects, so they will last a lot longer than their domestic equivalents which makes them extremely cost effective for use by tradesmen.

A lot of industrial power tools are manufactured using top end materials as quality is the watchword rather than minimal pricing, which means manufacturers often take the opportunity to use the best leading technologies in the field in terms of blades, drivers and power sources. The generally superior quality of these tools also gives them a greater load capacity so they can handle much heavier use than a domestic equivalent would be able to without needing repair or servicing. This coupled with a generally robust construction in terms of chassis and moving components means that industrial power tools are a prime choice for anyone who wants a job done fast and right, not just tradesmen!

Quality of work and finish is usually higher when using an industrial power tool, which makes them doubly valuable to tradesmen who don’t want to spend twice as long achieving the necessary standards for commercial work by using inferior tools. This also means less downtime and a longer working life before requiring replacement, which also makes industrial tools popular for shops which provide power tool hire services to a variety of customers both domestic and trade.

Getting the right tool for the job at hand is probably right up there with the skill of the worker when it comes to determining how long a job will take and how well it can be done, which is why the best tradesmen always make the investment in the correct power tools. A tradesman’s time is very valuable so having tools which allow them to get a great finish in half the time means that they easily recoup any perceived short term losses which may arise at the point of purchasing the equipment, which is only further mitigated by the extended useful lifespan of high quality power tools and means that industrial tools become a very economical option over the medium to long term.

For a wide range of professional power tools including great brands like Makita and AEG, visit www.absolutepowertools.co.uk today. The team offer a tool hire and tool repair service as well as an online shop, and the family-run nature of the business gives you assurances of service quality and enthusiasm that a faceless chain or multinational just can't beat.

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