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Commercial Freezers Needs & Solutions

Cold Stores & Cold RoomsA wide and varied number of sectors will require the purchase or long term rental of commercial freezer equipment, especially in the food and catering industries. Even the most basic of health regulations for any commercial kitchen requires fresh meat, fish, dairy products and vegetables to be kept in a temperature controlled environment which is properly chilled in order to avoid spoiling.

Commercial freezers are very different from an ordinary domestic freezer, as they are designed to keep working in hot and busy kitchens or other difficult situations while still maintaining optimum temperature. Most catering kitchens will access the freezer constantly, opening and shutting the doors all day long, so the freezing and refrigeration hardware must be top of the line in order to keep the cabinet constantly at the needed safe temperature.

When choosing a commercial freezer for your business it is important to remember that different types of goods require different optimal temperatures for storage in order to remain in the best possible condition. Many caterers, for example, have multiple cold stores which hold a different type of food in each – one for meat, one for fish, one for dairy etc – although smaller companies often cannot afford to do this and have to make do with a single freezer and fridge.

Commercial freezers come in a wide range of finishes and sizes to suit almost any requirement and fit into any commercial kitchen. The smallest closely resemble their domestic counterparts, possessing only one or two doors and fitting neatly into compact corners or under counters. Most popular larger single and double door commercial freezing cabinets will come in a variety of capacities from 400 to over 1200 litres. Counter freezers are popular in areas where a work preparation area is needed with chilled storage directly underneath it. For the largest companies, walk in commercial freezers can be custom built to fit any space, and many suppliers will be able to offer a lot of tailored options including different access doors, a variety of safety and security features and even the option to rent these units long term, or lease them, rather than buying outright, in order to minimise overheads.

Some of specialist suppliers of walk in freezers and cold storage areas can custom build these into portable apparatus like old shipping containers, which gives a very flexible and useful solution that can be invaluable for a wide range of caterers and restaurants who may need a commercial freezer that is temporary, portable or just able to sit outside of their main building in order to avoid losing valuable internal space. Ask your potential supplier if their units require planning permission, and if they are fully weatherproofed and guaranteed against rust resistance. External units can also be usefully provided with various types of remote temperature monitoring which is excellent for quality control and very useful for help passing health inspections as well as ensuring the quality of food and ingredients served.

For expert advice and a wide range of commercial freezers ideal for everything from catering to pharmaceutical storage of high value inventories, visit CRS Cold Storage today.

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