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Improving warehouse safety

Improving warehouse safety

Even during their quietist periods warehouses can be busy, lively places. With so many different tasks going on under one relatively small roof, there’s always the risk that something could go wrong.

Often warehouses are home to both employees and large machinery, which can be a recipe for disaster if a space isn’t organised correctly. All of these points, plus many others, go some way to showing why warehouse safety should be a top priority for your business.

One of the most important things to remember is that warehouse safety should never ever be a one-time thing. Too many businesses neglect continuous safety checks, pushing them aside for seemingly more important matters. However, this can be incredibly dangerous and could lead to serious injury and harm.

In busy periods safety checks might not seem overly important, as the main concern will be processing orders as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, it is times like this that warehouse safety should be at forefront of your checklist. With increased productivity, comes increased risk of injury and the issues that will affect your warehouse during slower periods will be dramatically different to those that affect you during busy ones.


Warehouse Safety Assesment

The continual assessment of warehouse safety doesn’t have to be an arduous task and it certainly doesn’t mean that you need a body in every day to check up on safety procedures. However, it is important to assess your warehouse during a range of different periods throughout the year, to build a clearer understanding of how to best improve warehouse safety.

Unfortunately, even with the best safety procedures in place issues can still arise. So, what should you do when an employee has sustained an injury at work? The investigative procedure should be strict and take into consideration everything that has happened. By speaking to those involved, you can begin to build a clearer picture of the ‘who, what, where and why’ of the situation.

This process allows you to pick up on the root cause of the issue which in turn, allows you to improve upon your warehouse safety. Attention to detail is crucial when accidents occur and may help to uncover failings within your current warehouse safety strategy.


Health and Safety for Employees

Another important aspect to consider is your employees’ attitudes towards warehouse health and safety. Staff members need to know they have an open platform to talk about safety concerns with managers, without fear of repercussions. Encouraging employees to talk to managers and other members of the team about their concerns will help you to understand the safety issues within your warehouse, whilst ensuring your staff members feel valued and safe.

Warehouse and logistics experts are constantly looking towards newer and more innovative ways of helping businesses improve safety in their warehouses. Consultants can help both local and global businesses improve their safety procedures and minimise human error through thoughtful and consistent safety strategies.

From the use of new technologies to the development of clearer safe behaviour protocols, warehouse specialists are dedicated to making warehouses a safer place across the globe.


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