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Not for Profit Marketing

A non-profit organisation does not earn for profit, but to use the money to help social causes. The trustees in charge have to plan diligently to make sure that the company reaches its objectives. With a normal business, it is easy to make taxable income into advertising instead, with a non-profit organisation; it’s not quite so simple.

Not for Profit Marketing

When it comes to not for profit marketing, it’s important to know that there are significant differences in the way you market yourself. You need to provide quality content for the consumer, and the donor. The majority of non-profit companies are involved in the health and education fields or human services like dealing with domestic violence. However, with normal businesses there are some very easy to follow protocols – with not for profit marketing, you have to vary it up and mix and match to get the best results.

Although internet marketing is a massive part of business today, it is even more important for a non-profit organization. Using the internet, you can really develop your brand and raise awareness, bringing in valuable income through donations and volunteers. Here are some different ideas that can bring you further awareness for your non-profit organization;

Raise awareness through a website – Nowadays every organisation who wants to build a brand requires a website. In not for profit marketing, you can make a great return on investment by having a user friendly, easy to read and accessible website that is optimised for the search engines. Having important information on there like your mission, your objectives, updates on events, and that everything is linked together to create your message in an easy to understand way. Examples of good charity website design.

Use a blog – Either through the website above or through a free domain like Blogspot, you can bring extensive traffic to yourself and further build your brand. A simple post keeping people updated of all the recent updates, big donation alerts and blog posts about ways people are raising awareness and donations is all the type of information people want to read, and are then willing to pass on your cause to others. This allows you to build your brand, gain trust with others, and spread your message and bring in new volunteers in the long-term. A blog is very easy to market, because you just share your blog link with other blogs to build various links back to yourself across the internet. The Children’s Society blog is a fine example.

Partner with other NPOs – This allows you to build powerful relationships with other NPOs who have similar ambitions to yourself, and increases your credibility in the long-term if you can affiliate yourself with other well-regarded non-profit organisations. The Charity Commission, the independent regulator for charitable activity in the UK, has a publication called Strength in Numbers that gives practical advice in this area.

Partner with media outlets – publishers of newspapers, magazines and increasingly their online equivalents are often very happy to enter into media partnerships with charitable organisations. Many of these organisations will offer advertising support in return for association with the charity or branding opportunities at events run by the charities. Good examples of these partnerships include the FT’s partnership Action Against Hunger FT Against Hunger or the KM Charity of the Year.

Using these methods, which are usually extremely cheap to implement, you can create long-term awareness and traffic to your cause and therefore increase your chances of a successful future and achieving your goals.

Work with a marketing agency – marketing agencies have a depth of knowledge that reach across multiple sectors and many organisations, this breadth of understanding can help Charities & NPO’s make better use of their marketing budgets. Full service agencies will help to set clear performance indicators and help monitor the results of their marketing spend, something that over half of charities fail to do according to a study carried out by the Cass Business School. Pick an agency with not for profit marketing experience such as ExtraDigital.

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