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Improving Warehouse Layouts

Improving warehouse layouts are essential if you want to make enhancements to your supply chain, but it’s not always easy to see where you might be going wrong.

This guide will highlight some of the areas where your warehouse layout might be impacting negatively on your business, so you can start improvements today.

Improving warehouse layout.


More space for goods in

Whilst every warehouse is different, you may find that you can improve the layout of yours by giving goods a larger space to work in. Whilst it’s important to ensure every section has just the right amount of space that it needs, you might find that overcrowding certain areas just so you can free up more storage space, actually has a negative impact on your supply chain.

Whilst it’s important to ensure every section has just the right amount of space, you might find that overcrowding certain areas just so you can free up more storage space, actually has a negative impact on your supply chain.

As goods in is one the busiest areas of your warehouse, give it the space it deserves for a smoother business operation balanced with the needs of other areas.


Improve poor picking

One of the biggest issues surrounding warehouse efficiency is poor picking techniques.

Most of the time, poor picking isn’t down to the picker themselves but instead an issue with the layout. If you find that your pickers have to go back on themselves frequently or wait around for space to be freed up during the picking process, then re-think your layout.

Remember, what worked 6 months ago may not still work now, especially if your business has seen significant change. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep reassessing your picking line to see if it needs adjustment.


Better shipping centre locations

After the picking and sorting have been done, how far are your staff members walking to get to their shipping centre location?

Putting shipping centres in the wrong part of a warehouse is a common big mistake made by many businesses.

A lean supply chain relies on everything taking as little time as possible. So if your employees have to walk back across the warehouse to reach their destination, then you should think about moving shipping closer to the end of the picking line.


improve warehouse layouts


Define and segment

If you want to dramatically improve the layout of your warehouse without spending extra money, then you should ensure all areas are clearly defined and segmented.

Creating clear sections that are easy to understand will stop employees from wandering around aimlessly, wasting time and slowing down the supply chain.

Getting from A to B as quickly as possible is the main thing you should be focussed on in any warehouse layout and design.


Review your layout frequently

Reviewing your warehouse layout frequently is the key to success.

Whether it’s your supply loads, the nature of your business or employee numbers, your warehouse is going to be changing all the time.

Whilst it might not appear to be affecting your business on the surface, a poorly designed warehouse will slowly break down your supply chain, making growth and profits more sluggish over time.

Improving warehouse layout is a continuous job and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s vital to every part of your supply chain and will ensure your business continues to grow both now and in the future.

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