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Choosing the Right Supply Chain Consulting Partners

choosing supply chain consultantsWhen choosing supply chain logistics consulting partners for your company you should never just look for the lowest-cost solution, you really want to make sure they fully suit your business requirements and will bring real benefits to your company.

The following are some key tips to help you find the right logistics and supply chain consultancy:

Successful supply chain consultants

You want to work with a consultancy that has a proven track record and a great early indicator is to look at their case studies and testimonials.

Check out the consultancy website to find out if they have experience in the type of supply chain and logistics areas that you need help with. Look at their testimonials and case studies these are all great places to get a feel for the work they do and how successful they are.

What sort of return on their investment have previous clients seen?

Listen to your business requirements

When talking to the consultant make sure they really understand your business goals and objectives. Did he or she do all the talking during your meeting? Or did they take time to listen to you so that they fully understood your business operation and goals.

Do you feel able to ask questions and voice your concerns freely?

A good consultant will work with you not railroad you into what they think you should do and you should always feel free to voice your concerns at any time.

Logistics and supply chain sector experience

It’s important to select a supply chain consultant with experience in your sector, because each business sector has its own unique challenges and issues. While there may be some similarities between sectors only a consultant with really experience in your sector will be able to fully understand the issues you face in both supply and logistics.

Stability and reputation

You want to know your consultants will not only be there to support you today, but also in the future. It therefore only make sense to make sure they are in a stable position themselves and not going to disappear halfway through a project.

Coupled with this is reputation how do others in their field view them? Are they recognised as true authorities in logistics and supply chains.

Training and Teamwork

Does the potential consultancy allow the team to work together or do they work as individuals? Make sure you ask if the consultancy mentors and trains its clients. This is an effective way to transfer knowledge to those who will use it daily.

Supply chain consultants need to establish a rapport with key staff in your organisation. They should be willing to listen to your requirements, explain their reasoning and, where appropriate, modify their proposals in light of your feedback.

Detailed supply chain modelling and risk assessments

A good supply chain and logistics consultant doesn’t need a crystal ball, but they do need access to some of the best supply chain modelling systems to be able to test different approaches against the potential changes ahead.

Added to this is the experience and tools to make proper risk assessments of any given solution. Only this way can any proposed cause of action be given a rigorous level of testing before implementation.


Working with good supply chain consultants can bring huge benefits to a company so it’s well worth doing some digging to make sure you get the right one for you.

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